National Ice Cream Day



I had no idea when I started my blog just a few days ago that I would be able to talk about two of my very favorite foods so soon.  Today is National Ice Cream day!  Just think.  If I hadn’t started this blog until next month I would have missed National French Fries Day and National Ice Cream day and might have been stuck talking about National Watermelon Day, which I enjoy but watermelon isn’t a guilty pleasure.  It belongs on my other blog, “Things I Love to Eat but Are Healthy, What’s Up With That?”

My father is the oldest child in a large family and ice cream was a rare treat for them.  My Dad loves to tell my sister and me about how he always picked the oldest spoon in the drawer when ice cream was brought home.  He’d let his seven younger siblings have the newer spoons.  You see the oldest spoon was also the sharpest having been worn down from years of use.  The carton of ice cream was opened on the kitchen table and they’d dig in until it was all gone.

My mother grew up on a dairy farm and was a dairy science major in college.  She loved to make homemade ice cream.  We had one of those hand crank ice cream makers.  She had no interest in getting an electric one.  I guess she figured that by having to crank she was working off a few of the calories.  We all took turns cranking and by the time it was finished we’d earned our reward. Yum!

Enjoy some ice cream today if it’s one of your guilty pleasures.  I’m going to have some Breyer’s Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough.  What’s your favorite flavor?

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